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Keenan Wins 2013 Award

Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) and Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) ‘Practice with Science’ Award for the Keenan Mech-fiber® System.

This award is a mark of recognition for Keenan “because their work has added direct and measurable benefits to ordinary farmers not only in the UK but throughout the world”. The award is from peers in our industry (top research, advisory and commercial).The judges saw that “the Keenan Mech-fiber® System gives farmers a practical approach to improving their economic, environmental and animal health performance by adopting a precision feeding regime targeted at rumen efficiency.”

Oxford Farming Conference Press Release

The official press release from the Oxford Farming Conference – outlining why the Keenan System received this award.

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Aligned Value in Food Chain Alliances Brochure

This brochure outlines how all stakeholders need to work together, what an aligned food chain means in terms of benefit for everyone and gives examples of some current and previous alliances that Keenan have been involved in.

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Professional Animal Scientist Whitepaper

Gaining from technology for improved dairy cow nutrition: Economic, environmental, and animal health benefits.

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Gerard Keenan’s award acceptance speech

“Our obsession is the efficient production of food. We have invested 5% of our sales – £20m – and worked with leading scientists and engineers around the world in the past decade in research, science, technology development and application. We have conducted research, in the lab and in the field in all continents. The outcomes have consistently been more milk or more beef from the same or less feed.”

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Keenan Presentation Slides

Slides as used by Gerard Keenan, Keenan Executive Chairman, in his award acceptance speech.

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