Mixer Wagons - Eco Range

Get the same production from less feed with a Keenan ECO range, mixer wagons that are both ECOfriendly and ECOnomical.

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  • mixer wagon eco 352ECO 52
  • mixer wagon eco 54ECO 54
  • mixer wagon eco 56ECO 56
  • mixer wagon eco 58ECO 58
Height: 2684mm (105.5") Height: 2812mm (110.5") Height: 3112mm (122.5") Height: 3166mm (124.4")
Width: 2508mm (98.5") Width: 2534mm (100") Width: 2847mm (112") Width: 2847mm (112")
Payload: 3000 kg Payload: 4000 kg Payload: 5500 kg Payload: 8000 kg
Horsepower: 70 HP Horsepower: 80 HP Horsepower: 90 HP Horsepower: 105 HP
Milking Cows p/load: 40-50 Milking Cows p/load: 70-80 Milking Cows p/load: 90-100 Milking Cows p/load: 120-130


ECO Range

Keenan ECOrange is committed to maximising the reuse or recycling of previously owned machine parts. The Keenan ECOrange is produced using quality recycled parts with a new machine body. We believe it's important to consider the environmental impact at every stage in the product life cycle.

The Keenan ECOrange is not only environmentally friendly but the range is also economically friendly. The Keenan Eco range are quality factory manufactured mixer wagons which have all the benefits of the current Keenan range. The great news is that they are less expensive. Built to last, advanced engineering which ensures you get maximum performance and a superior mix.

Get the same production from less feed with a Keenan ECOmixer.

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