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KEENAN Contract Renewal

Please view the below table for the range of options available.

For more information relating to any of the Support items, please call us 059 910 1320 and talk to one of our dedicated team who will help you choose the most suitable option.

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Support Item Standard Plan Interactive Plan

InTouch Monitoring Support
Remote Monitoring.
Mech-fiberĀ® Rationing
1 On-Farm visit

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InTouch Monitoring Support

Standard Plan

Cloud Access, Software and IT Support


  • You will gain full, unrestricted cloud access to the DTM ration optimising software. This will ensure the physical MechFiber parameters are consistently met.
  • Your unit will be able to connect wirelessly and exchange data to and from your weighing system on your KEENAN MechFiber mixer wagon.
  • You will receive any software updates issued while you are on the support plan.
  • You will receive free IT support should you have problems with the equipment.

InTouch Monitoring Support

Interactive Plan

Remote monitoring and support and provision of MechFiber rationing

  • A remote Nutrition support team will monitor changes on your farm, including fluctuations in intake, loading accuracy, milk composition, ration moisture content, and so on.
  • If we detect exceptional changes in output, we will contact to discuss potential causes and where possible, suggest the appropriate solution. (Example: New ration, ingredient changes, etc.)
  • InTouch will help you maintain greater consistency in the feed preparation process.
  • Based on the feeds available on your farm, we will build chemically optimized rations.