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Why inTouch

InTouch is a live review and support service with skilled nutritionists using simple technology to ensure your animals get exactly what they need every day. It provides constant improvement of your herd’s performance by the collection of live data which is used to provide key advice to you allowing you to make better decisions. In this way, they can help you manage herd health, ration formulation, weight gains/yield and costs in order to free up cash-flow in addition to improving your profits.


Consistency In Both Feeding & Mixing

Ruminant animals require consistency in what they eat every day. The gentle paddle mixing action of the KEENAN ensures that all ingredients are continually moving during the mixing process. InTouch Technology helps create an even mix that is neither over-processed nor sortable every time. Our mix quality is then further enhanced during the feed-out process to ensure the mix is the same no matter where along the feed barrier it is located.

Improvement in Milk Yield & Milk Solids

Providing the rumen with stability from the consistent mix produced by the KEENAN means that bacteria are more stable and capable of turning the feed into milk. The KEENAN MechFiber system has been independently proven to improve milk yield by 1.27 litres of milk from 0.19kg less feed within 12 months. Long term, we believe that milk yield can be improved by up to 1,000 litres with any compromise on herd health. Variation in diet can be quickly identified, assessed and corrected through the InTouch System.

Cattle Finishing Quicker

Finishing times for cattle coming through the complete InTouch Beef system can be reduced by up to 20 days. Simultaneously better quality carcasses can be achieved ensuring that animals are meeting required market spec every time and on time. It allows for better planning of feed requirements and having the correct product for market. The InTouch feeding App helps to monitor what is happening on a daily basis and can help to pre-empt emerging health issues in a specific group.

Monitor & Control Feed Costs

In any business, being able to monitor and control your costs is vital. None more so than on a farm, where input costs and markets value of product can change very rapidly. Our InTouch Technology allows you full access to monitor your feed usage and waste. This will assist you in the preparation of feed budgets ensuring you are able to make informed decisions. Reducing waste and ensuring your animals are making best use of home grown and purchased feed promotes improved efficiency and cost control for your business.

Herd Health improvements

A 2011 study carried out on 277 farms monitored the effects on herd health of animals having completed a full cycle on the KEENAN MechFiber® feeding system. The results were astonishing. A greater than 50% drop in the recorded cases of assisted calving and retained membranes, a 75% drop in milk fever cases and an almost complete eradication of incidents of displaced abomasums.

Ration Formulation

InTouch can work with you to formulate rations that are both chemically and physically balanced for your animals. These new rations can then be automatically transferred directly to the InTouch Controller on your machine meaning that no matter who the operator is, they always have the most current rations to feed. No more need for paper or notes to let people know about new rations. Alternatively, if you are working with another nutritionist, InTouch members can have those rations checked to ensure they meet our recommended guidelines.


The InTouch team work directly in partnership with Farm Advisers to assist them in a number of different ways:

• Set-up and handover of the InTouch system with a client who already has a KEENAN Wagon

• Assistance in the interpretation of data from the InTouch system or acting as a second opinion on a feeding strategy.

• Proactive alerts on the health or performance of your client’s herd when the InTouch system highlights any issues so that you can advise your client on corrective action.

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