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KEENAN Through The Years


Richard KEENAN, age 60, establishes Richard KEENAN & Co. Ltd.


KEENAN launch several innovative farm machines.


HRH Prince Philip presents RASE award to Gerard and Richard KEENAN.


The first KEENAN mixer wagon.


KEENAN focus on producing highly reliable mixer wagons with unique, gentle mixing action.


KEENAN prove that mixer wagon and nutritional expertise needed to max farm profit.


KEENAN introduce the world's first six paddle mixer wagon.


TQM introduced led by Jim Greene MD and Ollie O'Neill Manufacturing Director.


KEENAN Klassik launched, a revolutionary machine, with an array of patented features.


KEENAN assemble an Advisory Board of the leading international scientists within agriculture.


KEENAN open 'Centre of Engineering Excellence' to further advance mixer wagons.


KEENAN team led by Prof. David Beever discover the importance of the physical mix.


Mixer wagons with computer controls and web connectivity further revolutionise feeding.


KEENAN launch first global Feed Efficiency & food Sustainability Summit.


The official launch of the KEENAN InTouch, a new technology based nutrition support service for dairy & beef farmers.


KEENAN Mech Fiber wins “Practice with Science Awards” at Oxford farming conference.


UCD & KEENAN join the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to form the China-Ireland Dairy Science Technology Centre.


KEENAN is acquired by Alltech creating an Irish-based, globally-minded farming solutions and animal nutrition offering


Robert Walker, CEO

Our vision is to become leaders in ethical and profitable farming solutions. At the heart of this vision is to drive on-farm productivity and results through maximising feed efficiency. Our responsibility goes beyond the farm gate. We are aware of our role in the food value chain and committed to creating powerful partnerships and benefits throughout the wider food industry. These include delivering greater consistency for processors to producing better quality products for consumers.

We are constantly looking to bring new solutions to our customers and new thinking to our working practices. We actively encourage creativity, innovation and new ideas, both in terms of New Product Development.

We are 100% focused on being a world class company in every aspect and developing leadership positions in all our markets. We encourage leadership skills at every level and benchmark only against the best in the world.

why KEENAN are different


KEENAN have leading internationally acclaimed scientists, agricultural economists, nutritionists and engineers working together to deliver superior performance on farm.


KEENAN machines are a masterpiece of engineering. KEENAN engineers manufacture the most efficient, durable, high performance feeder wagon possible.

Quality of Product:

KEENAN use quality components, leading technology and a Right First Time (RFT) process to create a mixer wagon that performs better than any other.


KEENAN has patents on all our mixer wagons, the mixing technology and also the specific ration structure which is produced from a KEENAN.

Balanced, Efficient Farming to Minimise Environmental Impact

As our global village grows, and as climate change introduces new and difficult challenges for agricultural production, adopting integrated technologies which address inefficiencies in production without compromising our environment become an imperative. KEENAN is the first of its kind to offer such a solution to the livestock industry – a solution that is real and verifiable.

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KEENAN works with many partners across the world. These include large international feed companies, processors, consultants and nutritionists. By working with partners who have specialist skills and common goals, we can bring win-win solutions to farmers.

KEENAN are always looking to grow our partner network. If you are interested in becoming a KEENAN partner, contact us now.

Become a KEENAN partner now


KEENAN have a range of branded merchandise which is available to purchase. This includes quality embroidered jackets, overalls, soft shell gilets, hats, baseball caps, KEENAN MechFiber365 Britains’s toy model and umbrellas.

Please contact with all queries.[/medium]



KEENAN are a very progressive and ambitious global company with plans for continuous product innovation, new market growth and performance improvement for all our customers. We employ over 250 people globally in a variety of roles including manufacturing, customer services, sales, animal nutrition to name a few.

At KEENAN we strive to create an enjoyable work environment whilst also being challenging, stimulating and rewarding. We listen to each other’s views and work together to meet our customers’ needs and to make KEENAN a great place to work.


Current Roles

KEENAN have on-going opportunities in all our markets for Sales Professionals, Nutrition Consultants and Customer Care Staff. Please visit our regional websites for local roles.

Current Roles in the UK

KEENAN have on-going opportunities in all our markets for Sales Professionals, Nutrition Consultants and Customer Care Staff.

Please send your CV including cover letter to Helen Phelen,