Keenan Feeding System

What is the Keenan Feeding System?

Based on decades of research the Keenan feeding system also called the Mech-fiber System was developed. This integrated feeding system combines the iKeenan mixer wagon, innovative management protocols, scientific know how and leading nutritionist expertise.

A recent research study on 1,086 dairy farms showed how after using the Keenan Mech-fiber System for one year milk production increased by 1.74 kg per cow per day from 0.64 kg less feed. This is worth the same as an additional 2.5p per litre of milk.

What the Mech-fiber Feeding System can deliver for you:
  • More milk or beef from the same or less feed
  • Increased profit with better milk & beef quality
  • Less waste - with a thorough mix, all feed is eaten
  • Lower vet bills with a healthier herd

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Fact! The Keenan Feeding System can deliver the same as an additional 2.5p per litre of milk
increase feed efficiency 10% in just 1 year

Proven By Independent Research Studies

In a recently published paper in the Professional Animal Scientist the Keenan Mech-fiber System is discussed as an opportunity to improve farm profitability, feed efficiency and animal health.

This study showed that milk increased by 1.74 kgs/cow/day with DMI reduction of 0.64kgs/cow/day.

"For those who want to improve their profitability and are risk adverse, the Keenan Mech-fiber System is dominant over other feeding systems" - Robert Jolly

Prof. Robert Jolly

Prof. Robert Jolly

How the Keenan Mech-fiber System Works

It is implemented by an approved Keenan nutritionist with its success attributed to integrating existing chemical nutrition science with emerging physical nutrition science within a carefully designed set of best nutrition management practices.

Four simple steps to maximising profits

  1. Initial farm assessment to understand your herd needs
  2. Tailored nutritional programme developed
  3. Regular farm visits to monitor progress and optimise rations
  4. Remote monitoring via PACE Connect

Proven to maximise profits in independent tests:

Independently verified by 1,086 herd results in the UK and France. These studies showed increased feed efficiency of 10%. Milk yields were seen to increase by 1.74 litres per cow per day, and dry matter intake was reduced by 0.64kg.

The Keenan Feeding Program aims to;

  • Bring real and proven solutions to the farm enterprise
  • Deliver know how and expertise to maximise potential herd value
  • Nutrition expertise to continuously improve performance
  • Proactively monitor progress

Who are Keenan Approved Nutritionists?

Recommended Keenan nutritionists can deliver the Keenan Nutrition Program. These include:

  1. In house Keenan Nutritionists: Keenan have designated nutritionists in your area to work with you to deliver the best on-farm practices
  2. Independent Nutritionists: We also train and approve independent nutritionists to deliver the program. Independent Nutritionists click here for more information on becoming approved »
  3. Feed Companies: We work with a number of feed companies to deliver advanced feeding solutions. See our Gain Plan Program »

Observed Changes in FCE

This diagram shows the change in feed conversion efficiency (FCE) for French and UK herds adopting the Keenan Mech-fiber System. Feed Efficiency increased by 10%. Milk production increased by 1.74 kg per cow per day from 0.64 kg less feed.

Start Feed Efficiency

Normal Fit End Feed Efficiency
(Mean=1.106, SD=0.160) (Mean=1.251, SD=0.153)
Observed Changes in FCE

Results You Can Expect

Independently verified results on 1,086 herds in the UK and France shows that the Keenan Mech-fiber System increased feed efficiency by 10%, milk yields increased by 1.74 kgs p/cow/day and dry matter intake reduced by 0.64Kgs. The following diagram shows this change in feed conversion efficiency.

Research in a laboratory environment is one thing. But this research studied the effects on over 1,000 farms, the ultimate test-ground of any technology.

A study of over 27,700 cows across Europe shows the incidence of nutrition related disorders including milk fever, ketosis and displaced abomasums reduced by 60% of cases per 100 cows calved.

proven feed efficiency results by 1 million cows
Keenan Dairy Cow Protocols: Get More from Less
  • Keenan Dry Cow - feeding a controlled energy high fiber diet allows the cow to prepare her bio-system for the task ahead and helps prevent many nutrition related post calving problems.
    [Watch Video »]
  • Keenan Milking Cow - ensures that cows are eating a ration that meets their nutrition and appetite requirements, not just in theory but in practice. [Watch Video »]
  • Keenan Rearing Calf and Growing Heifer - takes care of calf rearing and growing of the heifer to maximise frame development and milk secreting tissue in the udder. [Watch Video »]
  • Keenan Grazing Partial Mixed Ration (PMR) - addresses any variation or imbalance in quantity and quality (protein levels, minerals & vitamins, effective fibre) of the grass available. This ensures the efficient utilisation of grass and the total diet and reduces waste. [Watch Video »]

10% increase in feed efficiency within 1 year

Tailored Plans for Beef: Reduce Finishing Time
  • Keenan Dry Cow - feeding a controlled energy high fiber mixed ration to dry suckler cows promotes ease of calving, vigorous and healthy calves and significantly reduces forage requirements. [Watch Video »]
  • Keenan Rearing Stage - focuses on promoting maximum growth and development in the young animal prior to weaning. This will include the use of a quality 'creep TMR', containing structural fibre.
  • Keenan Growing Stage - the main objective is to achieve controlled frame growth from weaning through to finishing, with no 'store' period. This promotes bone and muscle development to improve carcase quality and ensure consistency among the group. [Watch Video »]
  • Keenan Finishing Stage - high intakes of quality, energy rich feeds presented in a Keenan Mech-fiber mix results in maximum daily liveweight gains and optimum feed efficiency. It can be tailored to suit the carcase specification for the desired market [Watch Video »]

Reduce finishing time by 30 Days and increase liveweight gain by 12%

Continuous and Proactive Monitoring & Performance

Keenan Intouch is centralised control and monitoring facility which provides peace of mind to Keenan customers. Our team of specialists monitor the real time performance information of our global herd. Our technology allows the team to proactively guide the customer based on data fact and evidence from the field.

The monitoring centre uses live performance and event information along with custom designed escalation algorithms to prioritise the information screens on display in our control room. Our specialists react accordingly in order to ensure sustained growth in performance.

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What is Feed Efficiency?

Simply put, feed efficiency means more milk or beef from the same of even less feed.

The Keenan Feeding System (Mech-fiber System) is proven in independent studies to increase feed efficiency in both beef and dairy herds.

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