Feeding Controls

PACE; simple to use feeding
controls that deliver the Optimal Physical Mix everytime

PACE takes the guesswork out of mixing feed. With clear instructions, it directs, measures and records load, controls feed ratios, tracks feed consistency and saves and records all your feed information. Everything is sent to your computer.

Because PACE can connect quicky and easily to the web, your data can be accessed by you or your advisors to help monitor, analyse and optimise results.

Our PACE controls are fitted on every iKeenan Wagon, and give the Keenan farmers the extra edge in feed management.

The best technology is not only super smart, its easy to operate, and like everything at Keenan, reliability and durability come as standard.

What PACE can deliver:
  • More accuracy, less guesswork and errors.
  • No over or under mixing of feeds
  • No requirement for manual updating of data to computer
  • Optimise your feeds to increase yields from less feeds
  • Spend less on on-farm nutritionist visits
  • Gain learning's and benchmarks your performance
How PACE Works

PACE weighs, instructs and records every step of the mixing process, so you don't have to. This means that no matter who uses the mixer, results can be consistent. With a simple SIM inserted into PACE, your Wagon is now connected wirelessly, and all data can flow instantly to your main computer without need to backup.

  • Recommended quantities per feed
  • Sequence of feeds
  • Number of rotations

New PACE Features:

Auto-Stop Features

How many times have you accidentally under mixed your feed? Or wasted fuel by over mixing? AutoStop is a smart PACE feature that automatically turns off your mixer wagon at the right time.

PACE Connect

Keenan wagons are now connected to the internet. So it's easy to for you to monitor results online. When used with the Keenan Feeding System your nutritionist can log in remotely to optimise your feeding program.

Farmers speak about PACE

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