Independent Nutritionists

Remote Web Based Monitoring & Control Solution For Nutritionists

PACE Connect is a new 'Cloud' web-based system which allows rations to be modified remotely from the nutritionist's office directly to the mixer wagon's control box. It provides users with guidance on the order of loading and mixing, and the number of paddle revolutions required to produce the optimal mix.

PACE Connect utilises the mobile phone network to connect the iKeenan wagon to a secure website that can be accessed by authorised users from anywhere in the world on any web enabled device.

Now Available on all New Models

All new Keenan mixer wagons come with PACE Connect. Alternatively farmers with current six paddle keenan feeders can add PACE Connect to their machine.

Empowering Nutritionists

PACE Connect allows the farmer or his nutritionist to make ration changes remotely, to review the rations that have been fed and compare that data to critical outputs such as milk yield. This information can then form the basis for ration modification.

PACE Connect compares what has been fed with what should have been fed, the recording of real time paddle revolutions, the recording of wagon overloading and receiving notification of servicing requirements, as well as the standard functions of guiding the loading and mixing process.

Keenan inTouch Can Assist Your Nutrition Work

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