Optimal Physical Mix

Why the Mix Matters

No matter what feed and forages you use there are two things that are crucial. The Quality and Consistency of the mix. Independent research shows the mix needs to be the same, day in, day out to deliver the best results.

That means evenly, thoroughly mixed feed. Never over or under mixed. Ingredients that are consistently added, in the same order and ratios. Fibres presented with clean cut ends for optimum rumen conditioning.

In independent tests, it was shown that this 'optimal physical mix' allows greater absorption of energy and nutrients. Fact.

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Prof. Drackley : Why physical mix matters

Jim Drackley Ph.D, explains the importance of getting the physical mix right in the rumen.

How The Mix Works With The Rumen

How the feed reacts in the rumen and utilised by the cow for milk and beef production

Physically Different From A Keenan

From a typical Tub Mixer

regular mix

Keenan mixers use a gentle tumbling action, that makes a light open mix, with a good mix of particle size, and good physical stucture which is ideal for the rumen.

This unique physical structure also prevents cows selectively sorting the mix and is ideal for ensuring a more even distribution of feed across the stock. The feed from a Keenan mixer allows for a better utilisation of nutrients that are contained within the mix.

From a Keenan Mixer

optimal physical mix
Key differences
  • Light, loose mix, not a dense mix
  • Evenly mixed, no clumps or waste
  • No evidence of sorting
  • Cows eat evenly across entire face
  • Clean cut fibre ends: best for rumen