Intelligent Mixer Wagons That Produce a Different Kind of Mix


Proven results with a Keenan

5 years ago Keenan scientists discovered a particular physical mix that worked so well with the digestive system that it significantly improved yields, milk and beef quality and animal health. The mix was produced from the same ingredients in the same amounts but a specific mixing action created a physical structure that perfectly matched the needs of the rumen.

The healthier more efficient digestion has been proven to produced significantly better results. The same feed, in the same quantities producing a greater result. Keenan, the world's most advanced mixer wagons, consistently produces this precise physical mix. On any farm, any day, by any operator.

The optimal physical mix, as produced by a Keenan, yields:
  • More milk and beef from the same feed
  • Higher quality milk and beef
  • A more content healthier herd
  • Less waste - with a thorough mix all feed is eaten
feeder wagons that produce an optimal physical mix for greater returns

Scientific proof from Illinois
showing the benefits of Keenan over a tub mixer

“Our research showed that Keenan mixes had more optimal particle size and were less variable than the same rations produced in a vertical mixer wagon. These led to only small differences in rumen pH and yet we found convincing evidence that the rumen environment was altered favourably in Keenan-fed cows.

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Prof. Jim Drackley

Prof. Jim Drackley

Reading Research proving that cows fed with a Keenan produce more milk

“Cows fed a TMR prepared with a Keenan Mech fiber® mixer, produced 1 additional litre of milk/d (40.3 v 39.3litres/d) and additional milk protein, compared with the same cows fed the same feed ingredients in a TMR prepared using a vertical auger mixer.Continuous measurement of rumen pH showed Keenan fed cows spent 28% less time below 6.0”

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Prof. D.E Beever

Prof. D.E Beever

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