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PACE Community Website and PACE Cloud Access

PACE Community & Cloud Access
As a PACE user, you’re part of unique global community of dairy and beef producers with access to powerful resources to help you maximise production efficiency, margins and profits.

Every PACE user has exclusive access to the PACE community website that not only allows them to chart their own progress with regard to feed efficiency and margin gains, but also let’s them benchmark their performance against other users, both nationally and globally.

Every time an individual record is updated, no matter where it is the world, the whole community is updated giving a dynamic and up-to-the-minute picture of the overall Keenan customer performance globally.


At an individual level, you can trace your own feeds or ration used, output produced, feed costs incurred and margin improvements gained. All with the focus on helping you maximise performance and profits.

In addition, you can download information, videos and publications on how to get more from your business and your cows as well as taking part in state of the art on-line webinars on best practice.

PACE User Guide
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PACE Cloud Access
Pace users no longer need to load software on their computer to access their information. Now provided you have internet access you can login remotely to your PACE account.

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PACE FAQ’s and Supporting Video Tutorials

Here are a number of PACE frequently asked questions and supporting video tutorials which to ensure you get the most from PACE;

How do I add Ingredients?
How do I add Groups?
How do I copy and change diets?
How do I change my current diet?
How do I retrieving and executed diets?
How do I run a seven day report?
How do I send diets to the memory card?
How do I send milk production information
How do I list all diet executions
How do I enable & disable diets
How do I transfer diets
Costing and Quantity

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Machine Service and Parts

Providing excellence in customer service, be it in terms of helping you achieve higher performance or ensuring you have the best after-sales and machinery back-up, lies at the very heart of the Keenan philosophy

As a manufacturer of diet feeders, we have set the standard in machine performance, reliability and service support for many years. All our equipment is built to deliver outstanding results and last for m any years. Whenever you need support, professional and rapid help is but a phone call away.

A properly operated and maintained Keenan mixer wagon will give years of trouble free operation. Regular maintenance of the machine is essential both for long machine life and also to meet the warranty requirements. As a result we have developed the Keenan Kare Service Contract. This contract includes services, discounts on parts, exclusive special offers and promotions. For further information on Keenan Kare Service Contracts or special offers on parts please contact us now.

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Warranty and Safety Information

Keenan Machine Warranty

A properly operated and maintained Keenan mixer wagon will give years of trouble free operation. Regular maintenance of the machine is essential both for long machine life and also to meet the warranty requirements. To see the machine warranty terms and conditions please click here.

Keenan Safety

The Keenan Mech-Fiber Mixer Wagon has many safety features built into its design but ultimately, safe operation requires the vigilance of the operator and an understanding of potential safety hazards. The machine is designed to be used as a feeder wagon for mixing animal feeds. It should not be used for any other purpose which will affect its performance or safety. Click here to access our safety and warning guidelines

Advice & Resources

10 Things to consider when choosing a mixer wagon

7 Useful Tips For Maintaining A Feeder Wagon

Improving Animal Health with Keenan Feed Signals

Keenan Mixer vs Tub Feeder?

Troubleshooting Your Diet Feeder

PACE Options

PACE User Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add PACE Connect controls to my current Keenan?

What is feed conversion efficiency?

What is the Keenan Scientific Advisory Board?

Can Keenan diet feeders handle bales?

Does the physical mix matter?

Why choose Keenan?