Why Keenan Mixer Wagons

What Makes Keenan Mixer Wagons the World's most Efficient Mixer Wagon?

Only Keenan Wagons Produce The Optimal Physical Mix
  • For better milk, and more of it
  • Higher quality beef, faster finishing
  • A more content, healthier herd
Decades of Experience

Since 1978 Keenan has dedicated itself to one task. Building the best mixer wagons in the world. We produce wagons that work hard, and stand the test of time.

An Outstanding Breakthough

In 2006, Keenan scientists uncovered a particular physical mix that worked so well with the digestive system that it significantly improved yields, quality and animal health.

Why is the physical mix so important?

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optimal physical mix for increased profits

Better Built. Works Better.
Lasts Longer.

Based on legendary Keenan reliability, all our diet feeders bring together simplicity of operation with the most advanced mechanical and electronic engineering. Using the highest quality steel, Keenan engineers work hard to make machines that stand the test of time, in the toughest of conditions, heat, cold, rain, hail or shine.

Keenan; A Machine to Rely On.
  • Built to last, using advanced engineering
  • World class 24/7 service and support
  • Maximum performance, and a superior mix
  • Patented technology, developed over 30 years
  • Affordable finance options available

Patented, Innovative Features

Keenan wagons come with a host of features and benefits, developed from years of understanding the common problems and issues facing today's farmer. Like our PACE controls, which are built into all iKeenan wagons.

Innovation for practical, everyday excellence.
  • Unique tumbling rotation produces the perfect light fluffy mix.
  • Patented blades that deliver precise chop.
  • Wagons capable of fitting into poor access areas.
  • Efficient bale handler option available on all models.
  • Wagons can be fitted with rear feed-out system, fold down trays or side elevators.
  • An automatic oiler protects moving parts.
  • Engineered to work with low power, low torque and less fuel.
  • Variable feed control and feed-out height.
  • PACE controls, on all iKeenan wagons, to guarantee the optimal physical mix everytime.